Missionaries Are Sinners Too

Please note missionaries struggle with anger, bitterness, depression, discouragement, disillusionment, and temptation of all kinds-just as anyone does.

In our missiology class we learned the 10 misconceptions people have of missionaries: the first one being that missionaries are “super-spiritual.” Super-spiritual? Really? I can only speak for myself and the missionaries that make up the Mission; none of us qualify for super-spiritual.

Every one of those struggles the author mentioned above I have felt. Unfortunately my responses to these have qualified me more for “super-sinner.” Little by little through different wrong responses I can see God working in me sanctification…more Christ-likeness. God’s work in us is a process. For me, I sometimes move two steps back instead of forward. Kim Abernathy continues:
But then there is God’s beautiful mercy and the revealing of the true condition of our hearts through His Spirit.

Thanking God for his mercy today.

6 thoughts on “Missionaries Are Sinners Too”

  1. Debbie, thank you so much for quoting from my second missionary memoir! So glad that it blessed you. Loved your candid blog! If you haven't read my first memoir, “In This Place” – please email me at: ineveryplace@gmail.com and I will give you a code for a free download for your Kindle! God bless!

  2. oh deb…love this blog. I chuckled and had a warm heart both at the same time when reading it… being a parent of a missionary clears up any illusions that missionaries are not the dreamy eyed super spiritual icons that most of the christian world idealizes:) (that's the funny part). although my son is a very beautiful Christian. But, he's also one of the most humble about his own sin which in turns has been a holy example of humility to those who know him as you are here. (thats the warm heart part ) 🙂

    God's sanctifying work in us becomes a cause of more praise and thanks to Him as I see how all things work to our good who believe, and this is one of them! (oh I feel a post coming on for me.. :)…hallelujah though, eh? Our Glorious God is perfect and how perfect is something such as sanctification for something such as saints that still are confined to clay bodies ? Glory to God in the Highest.

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