Believe: Village Boy to Medical Student

Believe and his father Pastor Albert
I asked my friend Tracy to share how her relationship with a young village boy in Mozambique has grown through the years. She has become a great encouragement to Believe as he pursues a career as a medical doctor.
I have not been on a trip to Africa that I have not been blessed beyond all measure! The people are beautiful, joyful and an inspiration to us all. We have all said we go to teach and encourage them, but come back having received much more than we could ever give.

During the last couple days of my 2011 trip, some children returned to Xicumbane from school in another village. I quickly recognized their faces from past trips. One boy even still had a picture of me that his mother had from our Prayer Partner project.

I began talking with Pastor Albert’s son Believe. His English was very good and we were able to communicate easily. He talked a lot with my daughter Katelyn, who was 15 at the time. They hit it off pretty quickly. He was so bright, and funny. He had just as many questions for us as I had for him. I knew that his mother had passed away just a few years back, so I don’t know if it was the “mother” in me or what it was that drew me to want to take care of this boy. I learned that he would be attending medical school and that we would be able to stay in touch via internet.

Not long after I returned home we started emailing and soon he had a Facebook page. What an amazing thing! Not long ago it would not have been easy or even possible to stay in touch with someone in Africa. We are able to see pictures, send messages, and even video message from time to time. I have told him that I have “adopted him in my heart”. He has even connected with my extended family and truly feels he is a part of it. He calls my niece his “cousin Nichole”, and my daughter is “sister Katelyn”. As much as I have tried to do for him, it will never amount to what this young man does for me. He constantly inspires and encourages me.

Having a connection to him has helped me stay updated on several of the others there that I have gotten to know, like my sweet Jimmy that I met in 2005. I love that he can travel home on holiday and send a “hello” from me to our friends in Xicumbane. I feel that our trips can be more effective also. He has told me what the children like, and helped me understand them so as to better minister to them.

There is no doubt in my mind that this was an appointed meeting. Believe and I thank God for it, and of course we pray always to see each other again (and again and again.lol) but we feel blessed to have the communication that we are allowed for now!
Believe with his new stethoscope and blood pressure cuff
Believe and his fellow medical students are currently working with the World Health Organization in the area of Chokwe where the flooding of Mozambique has brought about the right conditions for cholera, malaria and diarrhea. Please pray for them as they care for the sick and injured.

What are your thoughts?

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