Be More!

I am going through the Live Dead Journal: 30 Days of Prayer for Unreached People Groups. It is written by missionaries on the field here in Africa and the people groups are of Eastern Africa. This is part of a devotion this week that really challenged me:
The Call to Be More by Steve Pennington
In a recent email exchange with a close friend, I wrote, “Man, when I grow up I want to be just like you.” He replied simply, “Be more.” 
Be more?
The call to the nations demands it of us. We cannot escape the conviction that following Christ compels us to uncompromising excellence in our normal Christian lives. But, when you are called to represent the King of Heaven in the nations of the earth-be more! What does that particularly mean? Are you passionate for the Word? Be more! Are you seeking His face in daily prayer and worship? Be more! Are you studying the culture of those you are called to serve? Be more! Do you struggle daily to speak the language of another just so you can tell him about Jesus? Be more! It never ends. We never eclipse the need to be more for Him. It’s a lifelong endeavor, a wonderful journey that He takes with us.

Praying that I will “be more”! 


3 thoughts on “Be More!”

  1. Yes–so true. I think ,as I read the lives of godly people that have gone before us, it is always a nudge to be more. I think of the passage in Hebrews that speaks of the great cloud of witnesses in chapters 12 &13—When I look back on my life I always see how I have failed to do this…there is that constant need to press on.

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