How You Can Pray for Flood Victims

Mozambique has been hit with its worst flooding in over a decade. While the Mission continues to check in daily with officials about the latest developments, we cannot at this time make our way into the villages we minister at to determine the immediate needs.
Please pray for the-
Destruction: Roads, homes, crops and livestock have been destroyed. . Pray for the provision of food as some villages are isolated and may not be easily reached with supplies. Pray for the seed and materials that will be needed to rebuild communities. Pray for workers to help with the distribution and rebuilding.
Diseases: Cholera, malaria and diarrhea become real threats with water contamination. Mosquitoes will thrive in the water-saturated environment. Pray that God would protect the people from sickness.
Disheartened: As the believers may question God pray they would remain steadfast and continue to trust in God’s faithfulness to them. Pray they will, even in the midst of their own losses, minister to others in their villages. As Christian agencies bring relief, pray the Gospel would be shared and God would bring salvation to hearts.

Would you join us in praying for the flood victims of Mozambique?

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