Stirred up by a Reminder

A dear friend sent me a letter she had found that I had written in 2006 before we had any idea about Mozambique and ministry in Africa. I didn’t remember this letter at all and I stand amazed how God worked out the desires I had then, I wrote:

“When is the last time we (including me) suffered for Jesus Christ? We don’t want to suffer for Him but we want our blessing…Like Paul I have not laid hold of it yet but I desire to know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings. I want to deny myself take up my cross daily and follow Him. I don’t want to die a mediocre Christian.
Yes, I’m getting serious. Serious about my faith and how to share it. Serious about being a stranger and alien to this world. Serious about ministering to the poor, hungry, down and out. I pray the Lord will honor my seriousness. I pray He would open the door somewhere that I can fill this hunger and be used by Him to reach others.
God indeed honored my seriousness. He moved us to another church where Doug and I would go on our first mission trip together to Mozambique. He put upon our heart the desire to minister there on a full-time basis. Five years later from this letter, we had sold almost all our belongings to come and join God’s work in Mozambique.

Just this morning I prayed that my passion for the Shangaan people, the passion I had in the years we first came here, would be refreshed. This letter has reminded me of what is my heart’s desire and has helped to stir me on to love and good deeds. If you are reading this dear friend, thank you for taking the time to send it to me along with your encouraging words.

3 thoughts on “Stirred up by a Reminder”

  1. How neat is that?! God answered your prayer, without you even putting your finger on how He could fulfill that longing you felt at the time. And then for your friend to send it to you at this point in ministry. Sweet. I have to be purposeful sometimes, too, about renewing that passion for the people I came to serve, because it waxes and wanes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi dear Debbie
    I see we are neighbors for I stay in South Africa. It is sometimes difficult to get the people of Mozambique to understand the Fatherhood of God, for in their culture they have a matriarchal system.
    Bless you XX

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