Saying Goodbye

A tearful group hug before departing
I remember our first night as missionaries in Polokwane. I had a very vivid dream of my Mom and Grandmother. It suddenly sank in that I may not see them again. I began to quietly cry to myself or so I thought. Doug soon heard me and joined me in the little twin bed to comfort me.
Watching them as they check-in
Tonight after having said goodbye to my parents once again I find the tears quickly welling up. They are again an ocean away and the thought comes once more: “Will I see them again?” Yet such is the life for a missionary. My friend Jenny who also serves as missionary here said goodbye to her mother after her father had passed away just two months before. Another missionary said goodbye to his mother knowing she is battling cancer. Another lost her father who was dying. She was here only a week when God decided to take him home.
Such is the cost of discipleship…
So after a few more tears I choose to focus on the blessings God gave me in having these six weeks with them. I trust that after seeing the work we do and meeting some of the people we minister to my parents would not want it any other way.
Our last meal together
 Lord, thank you for the time we had with my parents. I pray that you would give them a safe flight home. Restore and refresh them physically as this trip has taken a toll on them. Help me stay focused on you and not what-ifs. You are sovereign over all. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye”

  1. As incredibly sad as it must be to say good-bye,what an amazing blessing for them to be able to come and spend all this time with you, see what your life as a missionary is like and even get to minister with you! God is so good!

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