Mom and Dad in Mozambique

“This isn’t a road. It’s a cow path!” my Dad exclaimed about 5km from the border driving into Mozambique. The road was filled with mud holes and large patches of water from previous rains.

Both my parents were dumbfounded as they were jostled and jerked around as Doug maneuvered his way to Xicumbane. I had preached to my parents over and over how hot it was going to be but God blessed us with holding the clouds in place which kept the temperature down.
The first stop was the village of Matsilele where we dropped off our first round of orphan food. Each village receives a month’s supply of mealie meal, soya, rice, beans, oil, salt, spice, drink mix and little candies to support an average of 30-50 orphans being fed per village. This is done with the cooperation of the village Pastor and local church that the mission has helped establish.
Next was Xicumbane. Two women from each of the village’s churches prepares the meal and serves the the children.
Lastly we crossed the river into Ngala. The river was high, well higher than we have seen it in awhile. Dad was quite nervous thinking that we would get stuck, but Doug showed him differently and even pulled another vehicle across that needed assistance.
I was so excited that Albertina and Gladys would get to me my Mom and Dad. As we were traveling to the village I spotted Moses, Albertina’s son, on the road and had him get in with us. We were glad to see the hut where the orphan food is kept was covered with some black plastic we had taken in last month. While they unloaded the food, Mom and I went to find Gladys. She was so excited to see us! She gave us a watermelon as a gift and I got to meet two of her older sons. Gladys speaks English. I love being able to talk with her.
We crossed the river again and headed back to Xicumbane to set up camp. There is no leader training during January so we were only staying for one night. Dad brought some view finders for the children and we were able to find a group to share them with.
We attended the Wednesday night church service then off to bed. Mom and Dad made it through their first overnight in a tent. We left around 7AM the next morning for our drive back through the “cow path.”
Lord, I thank you for this opportunity of my parents being able to come see the people we work with and have grown to care deeply about. You blessed us with nice weather and I thank you for that too. Amen.

3 thoughts on “Mom and Dad in Mozambique”

  1. It must have been such a joy to share what your work is, first hand, with your parents. So glad that they came and visited you there, even if they wouldn't again. No one can take those memories from them now. And to think that God made it cooler than it might have been…wonderful mercy!

  2. I love the work you all do there in Mozambique! keep up all the hard work!! Great job, lives are changed because of your dedication!

  3. So glad your mom and dad were able to meet “your children.” What a blessing! I know they have a true experience of your work and ministry in Mozambique. They, too will be changed forever. May God continue to bless the orphan ministry in Mozambique.

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