Our 2013 Ministry Goals

Doug delivering the orphan food at Ngala
Many make resolutions at this time of year. We thought we would share not so much our resolutions but goals we have for our ministries in 2013.
Orphan Ministry
This is a new ministry the Lord has given us opportunity to do. Besides taking in the orphan food each month, one new addition we would like to begin is to attend the orphan feedings at a different village each month and share God’s word with the children.
Language Learning
We want to spend a minimum of one hour a day working on our Shangaan (Tsonga) and speak it more in Mozambique whether we get it right or not.
Well drilling at Salani
Well-drilling Ministry
Doug hopes to learn even more of the well-drilling process.
Debbie teaching the women at Xicumbane
Women’s Ministry
Debbie will continue to challenge the women with memory verses and lesson sheets with the goal of having one or two of the women come along to an orphan feeding and teach the children themselves a lesson.
Even though he is no longer attending seminary Doug will be receiving some of the second year books and plans to continue studies on his own.
Of course, there is the never ending goal of losing weight. Outreach season requires some muscle and stamina in loading and unloading trucks. Doug definitely has the muscle but I am certainly lacking in that area and would like to not be such a weakling.
Above all, we want the love of Christ to be evident in our lives and this love overflow from us into those we spend time with and minister to.
Thank you Lord for a new year to serve you in South Africa and Mozambique. You don’t need us, yet you choose to use human instruments to declare your glory among the nations. May you be glorified as we strive to live a God-glorifying life no matter where we are. Amen.

1 thought on “Our 2013 Ministry Goals”

  1. Love you both bunches and pray for you everyday and am so glad you are taking care of the Orphan Feeding. Know God has good things in store for both of you.

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