Visit to Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls or “The Smoke that Thunders” as named by the local tribesman. Missionary David Livingstone made the Falls known and named them after Queen Victoria. As we walked through the rain forest I couldn’t help but wonder what is was like for him to walk upon this magnificent display of God’s creation.

On Monday we traveled to the Martin’s Drift border post of Botswana. It took two hours on each side of the border before we could finally begin the long drive through Botswana. We overnighted outside of Francistown at The Woodlands. The next day we continued to the top of Botswana going through another border post into Zimbabwe. After an hour’s drive we arrived at the town of Victoria Falls. Our hotel, The Kingdom, was beautiful and only a short distance from the Falls.
After a good night’s sleep the next day we walked through the historic Victoria Falls Hotel. Then off to our tram ride to the Victoria Falls Bridge. We were introduced through a presentation to M. Georges Imbault the chief construction engineer of the bridge. Next we were harnessed up for our tour of the bridge. The tour consisted of us going under the bridge on a catwalk to stroll the length of the bridge while enjoying the view of the Falls. We would walk along the rope line and attach and undo our harness hooks as we progressed 450 feet above the Zambezi River.
We left mid-morning traveling again through Botswana and returning another night to The Woodlands to sleep. On Friday we arrived back in Polokwane around 3PM.
Before we left the next morning, we walked the trail through a rain forest along the expanse of the Falls. Rainbows would pop up and then disappear just as quickly. We were drenched with water from the massive spray of the Falls.
Lord, thank you for this once in a lifetime opportunity to view the splendor of your majesty with my parents and good friends. Thank you for keeping us safe as we traveled. We are so undeserving of your goodness to us. Amen.

5 thoughts on “Visit to Victoria Falls”

  1. The visit to Victoria Falls seems so wonderful! Ans so wonderful to have your parents with you too!
    I am inspired by your 2013 book list… thinking I'll do me up a list for this coming as well:)

    I was going through the 'followers' at my blog and was happy to see you there. I've recently started to blog at a new place, hope to have you visit sometime! I'm following along here at your blog now. It will be neat to read your posts from Africa.
    God Bless!

  2. How exciting and fun! It is so beautiful and I'm glad you got to experience it with your parents. Why didn't you ALL bungee? lol.. I'm glad you are having such a great visit. MUCH Love to you AND your parents. God continue to bless you and your visit. Gal

  3. I had a great time with you guys. I hope that the future will hold many more adventures together as we are sharing this journey together.


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