The Parents Arrive

I remember when it was time to tell my Dad about the first mission trip I was going on. We were sitting at McDonald’s his usual breakfast coffee spot.

“Dad, I’m going to Paris on a mission trip.” I quietly announced.
“Oh, to Paris, Illinois?” Dad responds.
“No, Dad. Paris, France.”
After much questioning, advising and worrying he finally accepted the fact that I was going.
Fast forward a few years from the trip to Paris. Doug and I had been to Mozambique on mission outreaches for the past three years. We had felt God leading us both to full-time mission work there. We prayed and sought counsel from our Pastor and godly friends. In 2010 we made the announcement in my parent’s living room.
“Mom and Dad we believe the Lord is leading us to serve as missionaries in Mozambique. We plan on joining with the Mission and moving to South Africa in a year or two.”
There was no shock or gasp of surprise. They had seen God’s work in our heart and had known from our first trip there that we would return permanently if given the opportunity.
Never did I think they would make the fourteen hour plane ride across the ocean and a continent to come here to visit us. But they did. Until I actually saw them coming through the doors, did I finally realize they truly were here.
“Well, are you going to come and give us a hug?” Dad wonders.
When I started to run around to them I saw a sign about not entering so I held back. Thus my Dad’s puzzled look. It’s been a year and a half since we had seen them last. Though I think they look older and need some fattening up, they are still the same and it is if we have never been apart.
So blessed by the encouragement and love of our friends
After a few missed exits and an hour out of the way, we finally found the guest house we were staying at for the night. Mom and Dad began pulling out things people had sent with them for us: wonderful cards, a book, Christmas money and my Dad put together a very thoughtful picture album of our friends and family back home.
Dad had to admit he thought he might be spending the night in a hut with a dirt floor. They were thrilled with their comfortable accommodations. Tomorrow we will make the 3 1/2 hour drive to Polokwane. A couple has graciously offered us their home to stay in while they are away. I told my Mom I secured a “villa” for their stay here. All four of us in our one room rondavel wasn’t going to be much fun though we look forward to taking them to see it on Saturday.
Lord, I thank you for bringing my parents safely here. Continue to bless our time together. Thank you for our friends and family who encourage us and just love on us even from far away.  You always do more than we can ask or imagine. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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