Trash to Treasure in Mozambique

What do they see
                in empty milk boxes
      and sticky jam tins?
         Young hands grabbing
         for this and that
           our trash-their treasure.
    Among the rubbish
     smiles of joy
      as if it is Christmas.
Children love to go through the trash in Mozambique. We usually make it a point to burn ours so that the children do not get into anything that would harm them. I observed one young girl picking up the different colored little plastic containers that the flavored creamer comes in from the states. A fellow missionary had brought some with her. I wanted to follow her home to see what she was going to do with them. The boys will often make these push cars from things they find in the rubbish.
Cars with wheels made from things they find

No I-pods, Wii or computer tablets here. Just children who have very little using their imagination from the things they find to bring some joy to their life.

3 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure in Mozambique”

  1. This is sad and inspiring at the same time. I'm sure these children would cherish any modern toy they were given. But their imagination is so encouraging to me.

    I was not raised in poverty, but some of my favorite moments as a child had to do with making my own toys and adventure from discarded items. I even went trash digging with my girlfriend to find treasures. Oh, the things I made from my finds. I probably spent more hours playing with those things than the store-bought things that were given to me.

    I so appreciate your heart and ministry!

    Via Spiritual Sundays

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