Words of Wisdom from a Former Missionary

Helen Roseveare
Helen Roseveare has quickly become my missionary mentor. I was first introduced to her through her writing in the book “Stand: A Call to Perseverance of the Saints.” Before then I had never heard of her.
I am currently reading her book “Living Fellowship: Willing to be the Third Side of a Triangle.” In this book she uses the illustration of a bicycle wheel with God being the hub, we being the spokes and the rim as the world we are reaching out to.
She has shared many of her experiences as a missionary in Zaire in the 1940s-60s. From being the missionary no one wanted to work with to being abducted by rebels who beat and raped her, God worked in her and through her to bring many to Christ.
She writes:
Can I not accept to work for the joy of His fellowship, the privilege of being called His ambassador, His co-laborer? Why do I hunger to see results? Why do I need to know that I am needed, that I am a ‘success’, when I have the certain joy of knowing that He has chosen me and sent me to bring forth much fruit.
Let me give up my selfish desire to be comfortable, or in the limelight, or personally successful, and let me learn to be content to be one of His spokes in the wheel of life. May I learn daily to seek out the right place to be His spoke, and let me pray to avoid being the wrong spoke in the wrong place at the wrong time.
May this be an encouragement to other missionaries as it was to me. May we, not just as missionaries but as believers, be a humble and contented spoke just where God has placed us.

What are your thoughts?

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