Mabuzane Outreach 2012

The Mabuzane team was to consist of those from Selma Baptist Church in Alabama and Shelbyville Church from Tennessee but unfortunately due to a connecting flight problem the Shelbyville team was unable to make their flight to Johannesburg. Another flight could not be found until days later. This didn’t hinder the ministry in Mabuzane. The Selma team stepped right up to fill the ministry holes. Regan King of London, England also joined this team.
Each night a church service was held with testimonies being shared. On Sunday night the Jesus film was shown.
Leadership Training
The monthly leadership training that is usually held at Dumela took place in Mabuzane. Many of the Zimbabwean pastors/leaders were present. Regan presented some teachings on marriage and then they continued with the New Tribes material from the book of Ephesians.
Men’s Ministry
After two days of not having any men, one man would come for the rest of the outreach. It would be either the Zionist pastor or the witch doctor. Even though there was only one, the teaching continued.
Women’s Ministry
Up to 40 women came each day to hear God’s word. They learned about Moses and how God used him to lead the Israelites. On Thursday the Selma women gave out a white cloth to the women to be used as a diaper, but before they were told how to use it they began wearing them as a head covering.
Children’s Ministry
An average of 90 children attended their ministry time. They sang, had a lesson, craft and then game time. One day they were each given a car with some sweets. It is such a blessing to see the joy they get from a simple gift.
Pastor Masango’s Birthday
We gave the Pastor of Mabuzane a surprise birthday party and put together a basket of goodies for him and his family. Originally from Zimbabwe, he has been at this village for several years. He finished at Christ Seminary this past year. He and his wife Jane were a great blessing to our team. Thirteen members regularly attend his church. There are no other Christian men but him. We went with him one day on hut-to-hut to visit one of the church ladies who had not been able to attend for a long time. It appeared that maybe she has arthritis in her legs and hands. We encouraged and prayed with her.
Proclaimers Received
The Selma team brought Proclaimers for the village. Pastor Masango will put together listening groups for those who cannot read and would like to hear more of God’s word.

Doug and I worked behind the scenes with William and Sharyn helping to make sure the camp was running smoothly. Doug slaughtered his first sheep and enjoyed every minute of it. This was our last outreach for this year. We praise God for His word going out to the Shangaan people of Mozambique through the teams that faithfully come each year. May God bless each of them for their sacrifice and commitment.

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