Xicumbane Outreach 2012

Doug and I returned to our home village of Xicumbane with a team from our church in Polokwane Christ Baptist and two of our friends, Rathel and Tina, from West Frankfort in the states. Ministry has been done in this village for the past nine years each June/July.

Leadership Training

We were blessed to have Pastor Andrew of Christ Baptist join us at the last minute for this outreach. He did all the teaching for the Pastors and leaders from the area villages. This training is done each month to encourage and equip these men to serve their church family. Pastor Andrew, who is from Kenya and is also a lecturer at Christ Seminary, has a great understanding of the culture of these men and a heart for teaching them.

Men’s Ministry
Doug took on a challenge to teach the village men as they had not been offered teaching before because of the Leadership training. God blessed his effort with an average of six men who attended. Josh and David, serving with the mission this year, also helped with the teaching.
Men’s ministry took place under the lapa
Women’s Ministry
Rathel returned for the ninth year to teach the women along with Patience, Dineo, Cornie and Magadeline of Christ Baptist. The women were once again faithful in their attendance. By the end of the week there were 110 of them. On Thursday and Friday at the request of Pastor Albert, Rathel, Dineo and Patience travelled to Mapai to teach the women there. Rathel shared that the 9 women basically made up the church and they were very discouraged. When asked if they would rather sing or continue in the word they responded it was the word they wanted to hear. We praise God for this new opportunity to teach these women.
Rathel teaching the women in Xicumbane
Patience and Magdeline teaching
Children’s Ministry
Nathan and Tina teamed up with Suretha, Berdine, Michelle, Thabelo, Mosima, Dowi and Nicho for children’s ministry. Over 200 children came to sing and learn about Jesus.
Berdine teaching the children
The boys did a wonderful job of acting out the Good Shepherd account
Orphan Ministry
A special time with the orphans took place on Wednesday in Ngala and Xicumbane. Tina and Rathel went to Ngala. In Xicumbane I shared the gospel with them while introducing a craft project. Blankets, toothbrushes and toothpaste were distributed to them.
Craft time with the orphans
Suretha and Tina playing a game with them
Matsilele Ministry
On Saturday as has been done for the past several years of the outreach we travelled to Matsilele which is about an hour away. Men’s, women’s, children’s and orphan ministry took place. It was a blessed time together. I got to see an orphan I had become attached to that I hadn’t seen in a few years.
Children’s Ministry in Matsilele
Matsilele Women’s Ministry
Men’s Ministry led by Pastor Andrew
Orphan Ministry
This was the first outreach we had ever led and felt very inadequate with this task. We are thankful for Gideon and Cornie who headed up the kitchen among many other things. We had an amazing pizza in the bush! Nathan’s leadership was also a great help to us. It would have been disastrous without them.
Nathan and Doug pulling out the pizza from the ground oven
The CBC team was all first-timers but we would never have known it. Tina and Rathel have been here several years with us and they were a wonderful asset to the team. One of the guys shared in their devotion: It is by God’s mercy that we get to serve in any capacity whether it is scrubbing a toilet or teaching. May God be magnified through our service in Mozambique!

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