Mbeti Outreach 2012

We left Friday morning at 5:30AM with Pastor/Lecturer Andrew Isiaho and the 4th year Christ Seminary students. This was the third year for the students to minister in the village of Mbeti in Mozambique. We were so impressed with this great group of men from 3 different countries of Africa and one from the US who love the Lord and are passionate about preaching the gospel. Men’s, women’s and children’s ministry took place each day along with hut-to-hut visitations and a church service each night.
The students at the Petrol station in Malamulele
On Saturday Doug traveled with William and a couple of the OMs (Outreach Missionaries) to Matsilele to begin work on the well. After lunch, Alicia and I went with two of the OMs to check on how the well was coming along. I drove the 8 miles to Matsilele. It was my first time to drive the Mozambican road. We visited with Pastor Robert’s wife, Rosita and some other ladies. They fed us some kind of vegetable that tasted like a cold potato log. Actually it was good. We learned that the starter motor on the well rig was not working and Doug would have to return to Polokwane to get it replaced. Providentially, God returned Doug because while he was back at Polokwane our bakkie blew a head gasket. We are so thankful it did not happen while we were in Mozambique.
Sunday I went with a group to Matsilele for Sunday morning church. They sang for us. I sat beside a sweet elderly lady. She kept rubbing my arm. Karl Buchan-Smith, one of the seminary students preached. Afterwards we visited outside with the children.
The sweet lady sitting beside me
The church ladies singing for us
Karl preaching with Member translating
Pastor Robert of Matsilele is discipling Joao (John) of Mbeti in beginning a church and ministering to the people. There were 2-8 men in attendance daily at the men’s teachings. We are in the book of Genesis. Each student would take a turn in teaching for the day. One of the interesting questions a man asked was why they had an even amount of ribs if God used one rib to make a woman. It is hard to know what they are thinking unless they ask such questions. Pastor Andrew held a special session with the men to address the issue of ancestral worship.
The men’s teaching
Women’s ministry was up and down each day. We had from 12-26 women in attendance. I was blessed to have Curline Joseph, one of our OMs from St. Lucia island in the Caribbean, teach for one of the days. The women were attentive and seemed to grasp what was being taught. A few ladies walked the 8 miles from Matsilele to learn more about God’s word.
The women’s teaching with Aaron translating
Curline teaching the women
Doug returned from Polokwane with the new starter for the well rig on Tuesday. It was different for me to be all alone in my tent. Plus knowing there was no way to communicate with each other. I just had to trust God to get him back safely. He continued to work on the well throughout the week but was only able to get six rods in the ground. They still have a few more rods that will need to go in. It is very dry in Mozambique. There has been no rain since February. We visited the community project where they work together to establish crops. They are watering them by a trench that comes from a pool of water left in the river.
One of the men who oversee take care of the community garden
Trenches of water help keep the crops watered
As always there was a large group for children’s ministry. They too learned about Cain and Abel along with Noah and the ark. They had singing and played games. The students also took turns in teaching the children each day.
Children’s ministry
On my last hut-to-hut visitation with Sibusiso one of the students and Seraiah an OM, I happened to share my testimony with the ladies gathered under a tree. As God would have it, this lady also has problems with drinking. I was able to explain to her that after I was saved I no longer went to places to drink or with my friends who drank and even didn’t go down the liquor aisle in the beginning. I encouraged her to stay away from places and people that would tempt her to that lifestyle. We shared the gospel with her and she came to understand how she would be able to enter heaven: “Jesus is my Savior” she said. We invited her to church and she did indeed come that night. She came to say goodbye to us before we left. I trust God did a work in her heart.
Doug and I sharing our testimony at an evening service
We ended our ministry time there with the showing of the Jesus film. Saturday morning came too early as we began to pack up camp and move to the village of Kunguma where the next outreach takes place. We left at noon and after a river crossing made it to Kunguma just before dark. We helped set up camp, spent the night then left Sunday with William and Darren to return to Polokwane.
We always enjoy ministering in a new village and Mbeti was no exception. Please pray for Bro. Joao and Pastor Robert as they commit to establishing a church of believers there. Pray that God will use them to share and teach the gospel to the villagers so that they might come to know Christ  as their Lord and Savior.

1 thought on “Mbeti Outreach 2012”

  1. Oh, Debbie…it sounds like God's work there is going forward…praying the woman that showed that she came to know Christ through your testimony will show fruit and grow…how exciting to see your part in God's work in the world making Himself known among the people, His salvation among the nations! God bless today and praying for you and Doug!

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