Naming Esaya

I couldn’t wait to cross the river and get to Ngala to visit my friend Albertina. She had just given birth. Even though we can’t communicate very well yet with the language barrier, we have developed a special bond since my first time there in 2007. As Anna, the translator, and I entered Albertina’s hut there on the floor wrapped in a towel was this so cute and precious three day old baby boy.
“Oh, he’s so cute Albertina, what is his name?” I asked.
“What would you name him?” she responded with a smile.
I gazed into his face. “I would give him a strong biblical name. Isaiah. Yes, I think Isaiah is a good name. He was a great prophet of God.”
“Isaiah (Esaya) Chauke. His name will be Esaya.”
I looked in wonderment at Anna. “Did I just name the baby?”
“Yes,” she replied. “You did.”
What a humbling, special moment this was for me. I called Doug in to see him. We prayed over him and Albertina. I will never forget this special remembrance God has given me.
We had a good time of teaching with the men and women in Xicumbane. Gabriel, Doug and Derek taught with Nehemiah and Derek translating. They ended the book of Romans and began Ephesians. Doug was excited to let the leaders in Xicumbane know there will be men’s teaching for the whole village during the outreach there in July. The same faithful women returned once again for their teachings. The next time we meet we will be at the very important chapter 3 of Genesis.
Anna and I decided to do some hut-to-hut visitation on Tuesday morning. We prayed with Zatina who was battling sickness. We met another woman named Olinda who asked for prayer for her husband who is an alcoholic and not around very much. We also had opportunity to sit with 3 men who wanted to know the account of Noah. I shared with them and tied it into our being saved from our sins through Jesus.
Doug let me drive the bakkie down the “main street” to get David Harris, a videographer from the states. He is here for a few months to do some promotional video work for the mission and Christ Seminary. It was my first time to drive in Mozambique.
Technology has made its way to the bush. A tower is up and cell phone service is now available.

2 thoughts on “Naming Esaya”

  1. I cried. I love the precious gift the Lord gave you in the naming Esaya! And the gift you were able to return in praying over the one who will always have a special place in your heart.

    He is SO GOD! (I meant to write HE is SO GOOD but I slipped. Oh well, same thing!)

    Blessings, Debbie

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