Missing Mozambique

The dust that can make my gray hair brown-

and the setting of the Mozambican sun…

The children who find joy in the simplest things-

To see their smiles such happiness they bring…

Walking with them to the river for their water supply-

Teaching God’s word, the Living Water, that never runs dry…

So looking forward to returning in April. Can’t wait to see the women again and the smiles of the children, but most of all looking forward to teaching them the word of God.

7 thoughts on “Missing Mozambique”

  1. Wow amazing photos!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today – of course you can blog and link – I'd be honored – God bless you richly new friend – Shelley

  2. thank you for sharing.. it makes me feel as though I was there, even if only through your eyes. How BEAUTIFUL the children are. Such a joy in their faces. May God bless you and Doug abundantly in the work you do.. Take care.
    Love, Gail

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