Our Shangaan Language Learning Class

Last Friday we began learning the Shangaan (Tsonga) language with fellow missionary Member Ngobeni. He has been busy writing his own teaching lessons for us.

Today’s lesson was learning the sound of two consonants together with the vowel sound. For example: Mha, Nya or Tsa etc. We learned how we as Americans can so butcher a word and think we are saying it right because of how it is spelled.We began with first learning the basic sounds of A , E , I, O and U. These do not make the same vowel sounds as what we say in English. Then we incorporated the letters of the alphabet with their sound.

Here is a quick glimpse into our language class:

 A sample of Shangaan words and their meanings:
Manana– mother (don’t think our “banana” when wanting to say this)
Tatana– father
U sasekile– You are beautiful
Xidyoho– sin
Minjani– How are you?
It is our desire, Lord willing, that after seminary we would be able to live among the people in Mozambique and minister full-time. Of course for this to happen we must be able to speak Shangaan fluently. Please pray that God would give us the supernatural ability to be able to understand this language and speak it properly.

6 thoughts on “Our Shangaan Language Learning Class”

  1. I am searching for the meaning of the Shangaan word Magoduza, I think it means white on the outside but black inside. Please confirm as this was the name given to my father by his shangaan workers.

  2. Hi,
    I stumbled upon your blog while looking for a place to study Shangaan in Maputo. Is that where you are? If so, could you let me know the name of your school? I will be there this fall. Good luck to you and thanks very much.

  3. Wow, I so admire anyone who teaches or learns a foreign language. My prayers and blessings are with you as you prepare to be able to communicate with the people in Mozambique.

  4. Love to read about all that is going on with you all…may God grant you wonderful ability to learn the language so you can share the gospel with them…what a wonderful reason to learn the language! God bless today to both of you!

  5. Amazing.. I prayed for supernatural wisdom to learn.. all language comes from God.. and we are made in His image.. seems we should have a natural inclination for speaking and understanding other languages.. As always .. thank you for sharing and opening up the world to us. God bless

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