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Doug’s View: Pastor’s Conference 2011

Pastor’s Conference 2011 at Xicumbane
Over 20 pastors/leaders of various villages attended this year’s Pastor’s Conference. The village pastors chose the theme of church planting as something they wanted to know more about. Pastors and Christ Baptist seminary lecturers Andrew Isiaho and Charlie Rampfumedzi joined with the Mission staff of Joseph Mahlaohla, Gabriel Pretorius and William Vaughan for the teachings. Mark Raley and I did morning devotions. We had a church service each night.
Joseph preaching with Member Ngobeni translating
I chose to share from Ephesians 2:4-5, 8-9 to remind the men and women of the sinful life we came from and of God’s mercy in sending Christ, His Son, to die for us.
One thing that struck me most was when Joseph was speaking to the men on the characteristics of a church planter. When he asked them if they knew what it meant to be a husband, there was no response.  Because of their culture, these men really have no idea of what it means to be a biblical husband.
Morning devotion with Nehemiah Chauke translating
The last day of the conference Deb and I took some ladies across the river to Ngala along with Pastor Americo and his wife. We had never been to his village. This is the pastor that has one foot severely mangled. He will sometimes walk the 10-15 miles to Xicumbane for the leadership training.
Going in to Mozambique the first day was very hot. Almost 100 degrees. But the Lord was gracious to us and the people of Mozambique in sending rain the three days of the conference. It was again very hot as we left the last day. Our new bakkie saw a few mud puddles, but as you can see the river bed was dry.
I learned just as much from this conference as the men who were there. It was a great blessing to be a part of it and look forward to next year’s.

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