Of Skype, Kindle & Facebook

Skype is a wonderful tool that allows us to make video calls through our computer to our family and friends at no charge. It has been such a blessing to not only hear but see each other as we talk. Though we haven’t done it yet, you can purchase an online phone number for $18 for 3 months that is local to the area you are from. For instance, we would choose Benton. Thus, family and friends could call us from their cell or land-line and it would be as if they are calling a local number. We can also purchase Skype minutes which allows us to call anyone, anywhere and currently it is only 2.3 cents/minute. If you have a Skype account and would like to talk sometime we are under Doug/Debbie Crawford of South Africa.

Anticipating our coming here, we purchased Kindles for Christmas. We had a growing book collection and knew we couldn’t take them all with us. I wish I would have kept track of the books purchased on our Kindle vs. regular price and documented the savings. I know they have been worth their money several times over. Many of your classic writers such as Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte are free as well as the puritan authors. Read this testimony of a missionary and how the Kindle was a help to him. There are two websites that post weekly free or low cost Kindle books: The Vessel Project and  Gospel Ebooks. You can also find them on Facebook and get their weekly list of books in your news-feed. If you know of a missionary, we highly recommend that you consider purchasing a Kindle for them.

Speaking of Facebook, we love it so that not only can you keep up with us but we are able to learn what is happening in your life. We can send a quick message to a loved one and it is if we are only 7 miles away still and not an ocean away.  Some day we may be with a people group in an area with no internet access, but for now, as long as God allows, we enjoy having this technology available to us.

What are your thoughts?

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