Ministry in Dumela

Dumela is located eight miles into Mozambique. The last time the Mission was able to be there was 2009. The church currently has two pastors.

We were joined on this outreach with a few from Christ Baptist Church which is the church we now attend. Men, women and children’s ministry each took place along with the regularly scheduled leadership training.

William teaching from the book of Acts for leadership training

There were up to twenty at women’s ministry. We are currently in Genesis. They learned about Abraham and Sarah plus the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. I never leave the women without a presentation of the gospel. So the last day, I shared with them about Christ and what it means to follow Him. There were four ladies from Zimbabwe that also came to the leadership training. It was good to see them again. They each had bibles, but the women of Dumela had none. Only four of them could read. One day we had to move the teaching to the kitchen tent because of the strong wind blowing sand everywhere.

Teaching with our translator Masango

Mark and Doug taught at men’s ministry. The pastor’s that attended leadership training also came. They too learned from the book of Genesis. There were up to eight in attendance.

Doug teaching with our translator Derrick

The children excitedly anticipated their ministry time. They played games and also learned about Abraham. For the first time we noticed several young boys who came to the evening services. Usually there are more girls than boys.

Nathan teaching with our translator Nehemiah

We showed the Jesus film the first night. Pastor Elias preached the second night with Masango translating into English for us. It was such a blessing to be able to hear what was being preached. Generally, they do not translate into English for us. The final night Masango and Doug shared their testimony. Mark preached from Ephesians 4 on the “new man.” Each night God blessed us with more in attendance.

Doug sharing his testimony

Please pray for the village of Dumela and their pastors. Most of the women shared that they attend the teachings when the Mission comes but then do not continue to go to church. Pray that God would grow His church with men, women and children who want to truly worship the one true God and follow Him daily.

1 thought on “Ministry in Dumela”

  1. God bless you Doug and Debbie as you minister to many in Mozambique and the surrounding countries…Africa is not easy,( having been born and still living here), but it is wonderful and gets under ones skin 🙂 Really enjoyed reading thru your blog… Prayers….. Gigi

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