Our Visit to Zimbabwe

1st & 2nd grade classrooms

On Friday we were invited to take a tour of the school in Mangazi. The headmistress, Miss Sallie Chauke, took us to each classroom. Miss Sallie has such a joy in her heart. She is a christian and encouraged the children to come to the church services. We learned that each grade has a bible class.

Miss Sallie with her 1st grade class

The school is in much need of repair as it has endured an earthquake and cyclone. The children are very respectful and each class came forward to greet us with a handshake. The kindergarten or grade 0 as they call it, has several students but absolutely no learning toys for the children to interact with.

The 0 Grade classroom

After the tour of the school, we went to the medical clinic. Considering the circumstances, I thought it was pretty clean. There is a sick ward consisting of three beds. They also have a birthing room. There are solar panels for electricity. Unicef provides a lot of the medical supplies of the clinics.

Sick Ward
Birthing Room
Baby/Toddler Scale
The clinic’s nurse

Saturday morning some of us went to a nearby village, Dumisa, to see an old missionary house. There we met the young man who was the clinic nurse. His solar panels did not work and there was no water. He told us that he sees about 20 kids per day and that most have pneumonia. We also learned that the Zimbabwe president initiated a law where public schools must have 1 toilet per 15 children or they had to close. As a result, a lot of schools had to close. World Vision has come in and built the necessary toilets at many of the schools so that they could reopen.

The nurse at Dumisa clinic in his office

Most of the rest of our time was spent in preaching and teaching. Pastor Zabeth was so excited for us to be there and wanted everyone to hear the word of God as much as possible. We had morning devotions at 6:30AM, afternoon teaching and evening preaching. Sunday morning we had adult and children’s Sunday school followed by a regular church service. What was to be just a prospective visit turned into a mini outreach.

Pastor Zabeth and his wife
Saturday afternoon bible study
Sunday evening church service

We all at the Mission continue to seek the Lord about what He would have us to do here. The people have such a hunger to be taught the word of God. The travel to Zimbabwe is more costly as there are more expenses that must be paid. Please pray for the Mission as we seek God ‘s will for Mangazi and the surrounding villages.

What are your thoughts?

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