Meet the Village Pastors

 “But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.”  1 Timothy 1:5

As Doug is gone this week to Mozambique to help with Leadership training we wanted to share with you a look at some of the village pastors. For the past few years, men from the mission have gone in monthly to teach, admonish and encourage pastors and leaders from surrounding villages. This ministry has helped strengthen the leaders and assisted them in leading a church body.

Pastor Pedro of Panhame is a dedicated pastor who not only oversees his own flock, but travels by steer or walks 10 miles to Nwmavique to do a service twice a month as they have no established church or pastor.

Pastor Highway and his wife Emilenah

During a hut visitation Highway turned his back on the presentation of the gospel as he was drunk and wanted nothing to do with it. God would soon get a hold of him and he would become Pastor Highway of the village of Tchale. He has a great passion for sharing his testimony and the gospel everywhere he goes. He got his name from all the walking he does among the villages. He shared that he has 19 who attend church regularly and 4 of them have left all ancestral traditions and worship. God is using this man in a mighty way to reach his people.

Pastor Albert leads the church at Xicumbane. A few years ago he went through a difficult time as he lost his wife which resulted in his straying from God for a period. The church suffered as their leader struggled. He has since remarried and is committed once again to the church body.

Pastor Robert of Matsilele has been a faithful leader for several years now. He leads bible studies and often travels to other villages to preach there. He and Pastor Robert will be traveling with the mission leaders this week to speak with government officials in the hopes of getting the large import tax on the orphan food removed or reduced. This would be a great financial help for the orphan ministry.

1 thought on “Meet the Village Pastors”

  1. What a fascinating profile of these men God rescued to serve Him through radically changed lives! It is so very uplifting to me to read the stories you graciously share from Moz. and they shine as a reminder of Jesus' great kindness to the undeserving. I thank Him for your ministry among the Shangaan!

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