Our First Outreaches

We have returned from our first two outreaches in Mozambique as full-time missionaries with the Mission. The first one was with our Second Baptist Church team in Xicumbane, Ngala and Matsilele. We are going to focus on Ngala because that is where we spent our time ministering. Doug taught the children and I taught the women.

This year the river at Ngala was high so we went over by boat. The boat was not in the best condition but it got us back and forth as we needed. We would then walk the two miles to the Ngala church. One day a few of the children came to meet us and walk with us.

Going across the river

Children’s ministry started with 20 kids but by the end of the week there were 68 kids. Doug taught the story of Nicodemeus and many of the miracles Jesus had done such as the feeding of the 5,000. The kids then did a craft and then played together.

Doug teaching the children

I had 38 women by the end of the week. They remembered me from two years ago and were excited to hear we had joined with the Mission. I also taught the same lessons as Doug. The material we use is from New Tribes Mission. I asked the women if anyone else came to teach them. They said that we were the only ones. As I thought about it, I realized that amounted to 40 days out of 8 years that they were discipled in God’s word.

Praising and worshiping together

The orphan ministry remains at 23 children. Albertina and Noumsa continue to feed them on Wednesday and Saturday of each week.

Preparing food for the orphans

We ended the outreach at Xicumbane with what is called the Love Feast. Three villages gather together for church and then to eat. We helped to serve the over 250 villagers that had gathered.

We said our goodbyes to our team early on Monday morning then had the camp to ourselves along with Anna and Aaron, two of the interpreters. I did wash by hand during that time. No easy task! I am amazed by the strength of the women here. It was all I could do to squeeze out the clothes.

Washing clothes

On Wednesday, William and Sharon Vaughan of the Mission, came to pick us up and we traveled to the village of Panhame. Here we would learn about showers under the tree instead of our regular showers at Xicumbane. The toilet also was different than our regular one at Xicumbane this one is a seat over a hole in the ground. I also learned how physically demanding it is to set up camp. Here we would be the support for the South African teams from Boksburg & Lorraine churches. Which meant I would have my first experience working in the kitchen. Thank goodness Sharon was a patient teacher as I helped to make dishes I was unfamiliar with, plus the fact I’m unfamiliar in the kitchen period. Those that know me are having a good laugh with that statement.

Serving up biscuits & gravy

These churches worked together to do  men’s leadership training, women’s and children’s ministry. Church was held under the stars each night as Panhame does not yet have a church building. We also traveled with them one day to another village called Nwamavique where they had been doing ministry. The road there was very rough and hilly. I actually started getting car sick for the first time. The one thing we really noticed with these teams is that they love the village they go to as much as our church team loves Xicumbane/Ngala. We pray that more churches would get involved with the Mission and adopt their own village to show the love of Christ and disciple in God’s word.

We returned to Polokwane on Sunday evening in the rain. Doug had his first experience driving and did quite well considering it is on the other side of the vehicle and on the other side of the road. We will be staying with the Raley’s until Friday the 15th when we go out on two more outreaches. We will not return until August 11th.

Doug driving the Landrover

When we return we will begin to work on our new home in the round house. We hope to be in it by August 19th.  We have added photo pages of the different villages so please check them out. We also updated our prayer requests and are very thankful for those who pray for us faithfully.

3 thoughts on “Our First Outreaches”

  1. Great pics. Thanks for sharing. May God continue to bless you as His hands become your hands during your ministry. Debbie I see they are teaching you to put some step in that praising. The Bible does say praise Him with a cymbal, harp, and dance. Love ya guys.

    Cristy Cawthon

  2. Oh, Doug and Debbie…am so excited you are doing the work of an evangelist and caregiver to the sheep there in the bush…your dream come true! May God richly bless you both as you do the work of ministry there…we miss you but are so excited to be a part of what you are doing! God bless!

  3. Thanks for sharing your stories. It helps to get a better picture of the vast needs and how much God is using you both there.

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