So What Are We Taking Over There?

37.75in. x 18.25in. x 14 Action Packer  
“The cost of non-discipleship is profoundly greater for us than the cost of discipleship. For when we abandon the trinkets of this world and respond to the radical invitation of Jesus, we discover the infinite treasure of knowing and experiencing him.” 
-from Radical by David Platt
This is an action packer. It is the size of a small trunk. We are using them to take our things over to South Africa. Each mission team member can take one, along with their regular luggage. We have eight on our team, but believe we will only need to use 5 or 6 for what is left of our possessions.

One of the questions many have asked is: “So what are you taking over there?” I will start with kitchen items. I packed a set of basic plates, bowls, glasses and cups along with one set of silverware. Also a set of pots & pans with basic cooking utensils and two cookbooks (one of the Mission’s and the checkered Betty Crocker cookbook I’ve had since we’ve been married). In addition, a few dish towels, washcloths, a tablecloth and one set of placemats. There were some books we could not part with along with some special miscellaneous items. For the bathroom, we packed our shower curtain & hooks with two sets of towels and a bathroom rug. We have some wall photos, a photo album and a few pictures that are special to us. Of course some basic clothing, shoes, socks etc. Last but not least will be our printer, laptop and some office supplies.  We will also be taking an air mattress, tarp and pump. Our tent is already purchased and waiting for us over there.

Our future home is a one room rondavel with a shower and toilet located on the mission’s farm. We are unsure about internet capabilities there but will have access to the internet at the church we will be attending. Polokwane, South Africa will be our home when we are not in Mozambique. It is a large city with a population of 510,000.

We truly have not come across anything that we miss or wish we had. It is so freeing to not be bound by debt and the many “things” that can take us away from our devotion to Christ. God doesn’t call us all to sell our possessions and head to the mission field, but He does desire us to have Him as our first love and be willing, if He calls, to give up them up and follow Him wherever He may lead.

What are your thoughts?

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