The Faith of our Supporters

 “Faith-based missions are the other main paradigm in practice today. Under this model, missionaries who are called to a specific work cannot go anywhere without people who know them and will stand behind them. These people will pray for them, test them, hold them accountable for the work, and pay for the work they are doing.” – Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall: Living and Lasting in Missions by Ryan J. Murphy

As I was reading these words a few days ago this belief came to my mind: Our faith to trust God for support is no different than the faith our supporters have to trust God that He will complete His mission through us. It is a very hard and humbling experience to accept money from others, in some cases total strangers. I would love to have had our own funds for this work, but if we did, God wouldn’t have been able to build up our faith in this area and we would have robbed those who want to be involved from a blessing.

As Mr. Murphy wrote, we want people to pray for us, to test us and hold us accountable for our work. While God is ultimately our provider, it is through you that He provides the means for us to do what He has called us to do. We do not take that lightly. It is a heavy weight for we don’t want to fail God or you.

Ryan J. Murphy’s books are a great read for missionaries and those interested in missionary life: All That You Can’t Leave Behind: A Rookie Missionary’s Life In Africa and Winter Spring Summer Fall: Living and Lasting in Missions. His wife and two young children teach missionary kids at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya. You can read about their life at his blog: Strangers in Kenya

1 thought on “The Faith of our Supporters”

  1. Hey Debbie and Doug…Sam and I expect that it will take awhile for you to get settled, learn the culture, and find your real nitch in the ministry. You will be able to settle in and live real life as well as do ministry. We trust you to do both well and do the work of the Lord there with balance. I am excited to hear about all that you do as a way of life and within ministry. It is all good and for His glory. I hope you love what you do and love your new life, even when it stretches you both!

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