God on a Time Table

“May our giving of thanks be as obvious and expressive as our sharing of needs.” -Nancy Leigh DeMoss

For weeks now we have been trying to sell our 2008 Chevy Uplander van. We had an ad in the local paper and put it frequently on Facebook…little response. It was parked on a major highway…no response. I just knew in my heart that God had a family planned for this van. It was in excellent condition. We have no kids so it didn’t smell like stale McDonald’s french fries or have drink stains. Well, I did spill a cappuccino in it, but it cleaned up pretty good. We were getting a little anxious about it. We still owed on the van and was asking only for that amount which was comparable with all the price guides.

On April 27th at the end of Wednesday night bible study we were having a discussion with the group and our pastor concerning the van. The thought was that we were not going to be able to sell the van for the amount we wanted and what was going to happen if that was so. I piped up from the back, “I believe God can sell the van by the next business meeting.” Silence. No one was jumping on that declaration. The next business meeting was in two weeks. I had just put God on a time table.

We had put an ad in the area car trader, but yet had no response. I prayed daily. My gratitude journal read:
April 28“Van to sell by business meeting at or just a little less than asking price.”
May 3 “With the van in the trader I thought we would get some calls, but nothing. Lord, please bring the person you have for the van before business meeting.”  I then thanked the Lord for what He hadn’t answered yet and asked for His intervention.

It was now Friday, May 6. There were five more days before the business meeting. That evening, while with my mom and grandmother in Fairview Heights, my phone rang. It was a man interested in the color of the van. After we determined it would be the right color for him, I told him to call my husband. They talked. Doug learned that he was a Mennonite and he had just been to go look at a van in Carbondale but it was not what he wanted. He wanted a Chevy Uplander. He just happened to flip open the the Trader and there was our ad. Sight unseen. He asked what our lowest price would be and upon hearing it asked if cash would be okay. I would have loved to have seen Doug’s face for that one.

Doug calls me to let me know what happened. We are both in shock. I’m in tears because God met the time table. He didn’t have to, but He did. What a testimony this was going to be those who doubted and thought God would never answer such a bold statement.

God did have a family planned for the van. He and his wife have 3 children. They met Doug at the church to pick it up and was just as pleased with the van upon seeing it. Today we make the final payment. Once again, we thank the Lord for His faithfulness to us.

4 thoughts on “God on a Time Table”

  1. Debbie, How delighted we were to hear that the van sold and how fabulous to here the story of HOW it was sold. Gives us all hope. Love you both. Glenda

  2. God is never in a hurry but always right on time…another example of how true this is…praying for you and you pray for us that God will do the same with Sam's job…He needs to work so we can support your ministry and the orphans. God is good all the time no matter what and He is going to take great care of you so you can fulfill your ministry. Hebrews 13:20-21

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