Organized Chaos

The desk, the dining room table & the “What are we going to do with this?” catch all

I am typing this on my knees as the auction crew started a bit early and took everything away including a chair for me to sit in. Wait, I just saw a step stool which makes a nice chair. Hard to believe but we pretty much packed up almost 25 years of marriage in 4 hours. Of course this was our second and final purge since we moved out of the house we sold. I’ve come to realize that I’m not a very sentimental person. I inherited that from my mother who didn’t even have any family pictures displayed of us until 5 or 6 years ago. I told a dear high school friend of mine that I was selling my yearbooks. This was upsetting to her. I told her that they had been in my hope chest for 24 years just hoping to be looked at and they never were. So off they went for some other sentimental Redbird or Devil (that was our school mascot) alumni to purchase.

What’s left in the kitchen
Yes, that is eggs boiling. I didn’t want to waste them. The French Press is from our friends the Conley’s and definitely goes with us. Of course, we will have to wait until we get a stove to use it. The rondoval we are moving into does have a refrigerator, but that is it. It has no furniture and doesn’t even have cabinets. I shared pictures of it in an earlier post. I’m envisioning us eating, studying and sleeping on our air mattress for a while and living out of our airline trunks. We are hoping to purchase items that they might want to get rid of  from our new church family. They don’t have thrift stores in South Africa like we do here. I’m packing the basics for the kitchen: dishes, silverware, pots & pans and utensils.
Our bedroom floor
We do still have our bed to sleep in until we move in with Bro. Joe and Joy on Monday. I have things thrown about on suitcases. I think deciding on what clothes to take will be the hardest. We’ve chosen some special framed pictures to take. Can you hang pictures in a round house? We hope so. Then we have family photos, a few books, bedding and a few quilts that are special to us. Plus some general miscellaneous items.
Those who know me are probably wondering how I can stand such a mess since I am such a neat freak. Trust me each pile has a purpose and I know right where everything is. It makes me think of God and how He is in control of the chaos of this world. He has a purpose for each event and He knows how it will all work out…always for His glory.

2 thoughts on “Organized Chaos”

  1. This brings back memories for me of 2 years ago… Each day you are a little closer… enjoy the journey and make the most of each day. See you soon. It will be nice to meet you fact to face and serve with you in the mission.

  2. that's the missionary life, haha…well, look at it this way..you're getting an early start on doing without a lot of things unexpectedly :)…. i love it that you didn't want to waste the egg…that's so me…and wendy…haha

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