Little Boy and a Big Lesson in Faith

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.
– Corrie Ten Boom
Lake Creek Baptist Church held a chicken & dumpling dinner for us to help with our support. We were blessed with over $1700 and are so thankful of their hard work and ministry to us. Lake Creek is a small country church led by Pastor Dave Nolen. While they are not a large congregation, God used their giftings and love for missions to help bring His kingdom work to pass.

As Doug spoke with Pastor Nolen the next day, the pastor shared that a little 11 year old boy from their church wanted to do something for missions. He set up a juice stand and brought what he had sold ($63.00) to place in the church’s Crawford Missions jar. As Doug shared this with me, we both had eyes overflowing with tears. I finally realized, if God can put this desire upon a young boy’s heart, I can surely trust Him for all our needs big or small. Great is His faithfulness…

We thank you, Lord, for the support of this church and all those who attended the dinner. May you bless them in a special way for their ministry to us. Bless the young boy that we don’t even know and continue to give him a heart for missions and for You. Forgive me (Deb) for the many times I have walked in unbelief. Continue to grow our faith in You. Amen.

1 thought on “Little Boy and a Big Lesson in Faith”

  1. What a precious act and testament to our God who provides and how He uses and moves upon the most unlikely to bring Himself glory. May the LORD bless this little boy for his faithfulness to do as the LORD led him. I know this so encouraged you and Doug, can't wait to tell others about this ! 🙂

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