Modern Day Offering of Gold

I shared earlier about Amy Carmichael and Exodus 35:22. This week my mom was telling me that a couple in our church had given my dad 2 old jars of buttons to sell in his booth at the antique mall. Dad thought he better go through the jars and make sure there were no coins in them. There were no coins but there was a gold tooth. He took the tooth to a jeweler who gave him $33.00 for the gold. He presented the money to the couple but they told him to just put it toward our mission fund.This got my mom thinking. She went through her jewelry and began to collect any gold necklaces or earrings she no longer wanted. Her trip to the jeweler brought over $300.00 which she is giving toward our fund.

As I was thinking of these things, I remembered what I had shared about Exodus 35:22. I was seeing a modern day version of this verse lived out. Not just from their acts of giving their gold, but so many have given generously to the mission support auction on Nov. 6. Their hearts are moved and they are bringing their posessions as an offering to the Lord’s work. My eyes well up with tears as I write because I am once again humbled and awed by the faithfulness of God through His people.

Thank You, Lord, for You are doing great things for us and our mouths are filled with praise.

What are your thoughts?

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