God’s Word Is the Answer

Noumsa & Albertina preparing to feed the orphans

I was blessed to attend the True Woman conference at Fort Worth this past weekend. I heard many passionate speakers and left having a deeper desire for prayer and a longing for other women to embrace God’s word and His desire for us as women.

I attended a breakout session of Carolyn McCulley’s on the “Global Issues of Women.” Carolyn is the producer/director of Citygate Films which films documentaries all over the world of spiritual, humanitarian and social justice topics to inspire viewer response.

She shared some things she noticed in her African travels:
* Helping women begins with helping the men understand their biblical role instead of leaving them to themselves.
She told of how the women serve food to the men first, then what’s left to the children and finally to themselves. The problem being that the men do not leave much for the children or the women. It was becoming an issue as humanitarian organizations realized that the women were starving and what would happen when they were not there to feed their children. A pastor came to the christian men and read from Ephesians 5 as to how a husband is to love his wife and told the men that they should be letting their family eat first. The men responded, “Why, we can’t do that the African men will make fun of us!” The pastor then said, “Whom do you fear more…African men or God?” The next day the men were serving their women and children first. It made me wonder if sometimes as missionaries we move too quickly in teaching basic spiritual disciplines to men who first need to be taught the basics of loving their wife. If they can’t manage their homes with love, how can they manage a church?

* We can’t help the women by directing them into a role that is not biblical.
Giving women grants to help them in starting their own business is not the answer either. Families then become dependent on their income. The husband is not fulfilling his role as the provider. This is my own two cents here, but we also cannot place women in leadership positions of a church just because there are no men to do it. The women must pray for godly male leadership…they must raise their sons and daughters in homes where scripture is read…and they have to live out that the God of the Bible is the one true God.

Oh, do we not see that God’s word is even the answer in the plight of daily African living? We just have to share it. I don’t know what a “True Woman” group will look like in Mozambique, but I’m praying that even now God is stirring in their hearts a hunger and thirst for His righteousness, His word and to be His true woman. Lord, how I pray that I would get to be a part of Your work.

1 thought on “God’s Word Is the Answer”

  1. I often refer to my husband as my Ephesians 5:25. Truly, I believe that if husbands first understand their mandate to love their wives as Christ loves the church, then our roles more easily fall into place… more quickly as well.

    Thank God for his Word and for humbled hearts that become the willing recipients of that Word. Thanks for doing your part.

    Blessed Thursday to you…


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