Aspirations for 2017

I always thought mission statements were for those who had important jobs or were in some kind of leadership. I began last year with reading Tim Challies book “Do More Better.” It is a great resource, especially for those who want to become more electronically savvy. While I tried that aspect of the book, I … More Aspirations for 2017

Reading in the New Year

I have been an avid reader since I can remember. My childhood was filled with Nancy Drew mysteries and Little House books. In high school I read a lot of Victoria Holt books and other Gothic Suspense authors. Then I found the romance writers such as Janet Dailey and Danielle Steele. A few years ago … More Reading in the New Year

Hope in the Darkness

Leaves swirl from their branches as trees become bare. Soon a thin blanket of white snow may become their covering. The sun dips below the horizon as darkness descends much earlier now. For many, a darkness descends over the heart at this time of year. Thanksgiving. Christmas. The holiday season does not always hold cheer. … More Hope in the Darkness